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Trip to County Hall

Whittonstall and Broomley visit to County Hall 2019
On Wednesday the 30th January, School Council members from both Whittonstall and Broomley visited County Hall in Morpeth. They were representing their respective schools and were there to find out a bit more obout the democratic process and how decisions are made about our school and community.
The children spent time in the debating hall grilling a panel of councillors about their jobs, role within the community and the council and finding out a bit more about how County Hall is run. They then swopped roles and the councillors got to ask the children all about their schools and what they felt made them special.
The children then got a guided tour of the building and saw some of the important places where the decision are made. They visited the Chairman's Meeting Room, the vault where all the important historical papers and documents are stored. They really enjoyed looking at the old photographs and beautiful tapestry depicting different parts of Northumberland.
The members of school council then created a slipshow to present to the rest of the school about their day.