Year 1

Year 1

Spring Term overview – Year 1 

A brief overview of the curriculum areas 


Year 1 children will be reading stories from Fantasy Lands. They will be sequencing the main events in these stories, taking part in drama activities and creating their own imaginary characters to describe. They will be developing their early writing skills by recording their own sentences to retell stories in familiar settings. The children will listen to the Traditional Tale story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ and will re-tell the story in their own words. In poetry, we will collect interesting vocabulary linked to Bonfire night and Fireworks to create our own poems.




They will be able to count accurately and confidently to 20 to begin. They will rehearse counting to 50 to develop further number recognition. The children will complete addition and subtraction calculations using the symbols +, - and =. They will understand the terms ‘more than’ and ‘less than’ and will be encouraged to begin to work these out mentally. The children will complete work on 2D shapes, creating patterns, naming common shapes and describing their features. They will learn key number facts including number bonds and doubles up to 10.


Topic work



In our History topic the children will be taught that events in the past are important. The children will study the life of a significant historical person; they will understand who Guy Fawkes was and the events leading up to the Gun Powder Plot.


In Geography we will look at a range of hot and cold places around the world. The children will identify each country in the United Kingdom and all of the seven continents on the world map. They will consider different weather conditions and how this impacts upon everyday life in specific countries. The children will use iPads and non-fiction books to conduct research into both hot and cold coutries.



In Science the children will learn about the Season of Autumn. They will look at Scientific features including weather, temperature and observable changes in the local area. They will extend their investigation skills through developing a line of inquiry, making observations and becoming familiar with Scientific vocabulary through the study of ‘Materials’.



This term the topic is ‘Christian Lifestyles’ The children will celebrate individuality and uniqueness. Children will learn that there are good traits in everyone. They will listen to Christian stories.


Design & Technology

Children will design and make their own winter coat for Barnaby Bear. They will consider suitable materials and colours to keep Barnaby warm during the Winter months. The children will need to pay close attention to their choice of patterns and shapes to ensure that the coat is symmetrical.



The children will explore the use of colour, pattern and shape inspired by Wassily Kadinsky. Children will be introduced to the colour wheel and will explore mixing primary colours. The children will create a range of large scale pieces using natural materials found in the school environment in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. The children will be encouraged to consider their choice of materials, composition and colour to create their own fantastic art work.



The children will be using a software package called Hector’s World  which relates to  e-Safety. The children will have the opportunity to use Notebooks and iPads to research information on topics studied throughout the term.



During the Autumn term, the Year 1 children will be introduced to rhythm and beat in Music. They will learn to sing in groups and learn songs from memory, as part of the Christmas performance.

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