Science Week March 2016

Year 4 - Working Scientifically 
Our main focus of our learning this week is to ask scientific questions, make predictions, test ideas and theories, record observations in a variety of ways and to respresent our learning in a range of ways. 
Day 1: In Year 4 we have started our Science week in style with a range of investigations. We have investigated what happens when you add Mento mints to fizzy pop. We have explored how plants transport water, what happens when you try to mix certain liquids and we have even made mini tornados in jars! 

In Reception and Year One we have been working as a team to solve problems for the Fairy Godmother. We recieved a special letter from her asking us to help solve some problems in Fairytale Land.  We had lots of fun practicing our magic by making potions and investigating different materials that she had sent us. We did lots of super observing! 

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