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Space Visitor
Year One were very excited to receive a visit from Mr Woodford! During his visit the children were able to look at real life objects from outer space, ask lots of interesting questions and look through a Solar Telescope. Ask us what we could see when looking through the Solar Telescope. 
Year One - A place for learning and for laughing!
Autumn 2017 
Hello and welcome to Year One. This year will be filled with excitement, fun, learning and lots of laughing. To kick start this term Year One have enjoyed taking part in the Take One Picture Project, outdoor learning in the woods, Yoga, Ukulele and made many interesting products using recycled junk modelling materials. Attached you will find parent information packs regarding routines, homework and other relevant year one information. 
Spring Term in Year One
This half term we are finding out about our new topic- Amazing Places, and are very excited to find out what it involves! 
Throughout the term we have lots of fun and exciting adventures to go on as we look at the four countries that make up Britain- England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The children will be looking at the locations of the countries, their traditions and fascinating facts about the country we live in. 
In English this term we will be looking at traditional stories, their origins and  features of this text type. We will be working on improving our writing by making sure we use our full stops, capital letters (for the beginning of a sentence and names) , interesting vocabulary and phonics skills to show what we know. 
In maths we are continuing to develop our knowledge of place value, the 4 key operations and shape and space. This will help us to work on deepening our subject knowledge and reasoning skills. 
We hope to keep you up to date with all of the learning we are doing, so check the weekly sections below and find out what fun we have been having in Year One! 
Spring 1 week 7
In our final week of the half term the Year One class have been as busy as ever! This week we have been looking at 'funny' poems in English and have had a very good giggle. The children were particularly impressed with a different take on the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty, hopefully they have shared it with you at home! In the following lesson we began looking at how we could make our own funny poem and decided to base it upon our senses. The children began by using their sense of touch to feel a few things to help us generate our word banks- one of which was cold beans! The videos below show just how we felt about our activity :)
  In maths we have been exploring weight/mass. The children have been using their problem solving skills to find out how to make the scales balance using standard units and non standard units. They have become superstars at using the correct terminology too. The mission now is to see if we can find out just how much weight is in some of our favourite foods at home. 
In topic this week we've exploring and finding out about Scotland. The children were very keen to hear the story of the Loch Ness Monster, celebrate Burns night and explore the land features in the Highlands. A very busy week by all!

Spring 1 week 1- STEM Week
This week was STEM week in school and what a lot of fun we have had! The children have enjoyed looking at the special surprise we were sent from SPACE to begin our week - can you guess what it was? 
We have worked really hard on developing our scientific enquiry skills, maths challenges and problem solving. We designed and built rockets to specifications and even managed to finish the week with a trip in the science dome to visit outer space- super! 
There are lots of exciting pictures for you to explore in the science week section of the website. 
Spring 1 Week 2
This week in class we have begun our work on Traditional Tales. The children have been listening to different oral stories from around the world and thinking about traditional tales they have links to already. They have explored books and enjoyed linking what they have already heard or read to their learning in class- we definitely love books in Year One!
As part of our London work in Topic, the children were finding out about Queen Elizabeth. This helped us to complete our work in art where we were learning how to draw a portrait. The results were amazing! There are some fantastic artists in Year One that could compete with Van Gogh! See the results of their fantastic work below. 
Spring 1 Week 3
This week we have been exploring our focused story - Little Red Riding Hood! The children were brilliant at role playing the different characters and thinking about the behaviours of the different people in the story. In maths they have been working hard practising their counting in tens. we have explored the hundred square and even managed to spot some patterns! 
For art this week we decided to become self portrait artists with a twist- we all had to include our very own crown jewels! Check out some of the amazing art work below!
Spring 1 Week 4
This week we have been working extremely hard in maths on our number bonds. The children are working on using the Numicon to work out number bonds using addition and challenging themselves to spot the subtraction links too! 
Wednesday was Chinese New Year celebrations. Mr Brennan kindly prepared a wonderful menu for us to sample and we even got to try out chopsticks. The children thoroughly enjoyed their feast before doing wonderful activities in class based around the Year of the Rooster. 
We have also begun our wonderful stories this week based on the traditional tale Little Red Riding Hood. The children have been working hard though to include some twists, we look forward to sharing them with you next week! 
Spring 1 week 5
This week we have had another interesting week in Year One with lots of hard work going on! The children again began their week with outdoor day, where they investigated beans and started looking at growing. The rest of the week was a continuation of our work on Traditional tales in English. The children concluded their excellent stories about Big Golden Skating Hood and read them to each other in class. There were some fantastic written achievements by all!
  Sticking with the traditional tales theme we then explored the Gingerbread Man and had fun following instructions to make our very own Gingerbread people. (with a little bit of help from Mr Brennan in the kitchen!) We will continue working on this this week and hope to make a set of instructions of our own, that we can use at home to make our very own Gingerbread people. Yum yum! 
Spring 1 week 6
Busy, busy bees began our week in Year One this week! We were lucky enough to have the lovely Mrs Agar in class to help us learn about bees and a little on pollination on Monday. The children took part in lots of interesting activities and produced some excellent work for books and the display inn the classroom. 
   In maths we have also been playing with friends- of the teddy bear kind! The children have been looking at position and direction this week and have been playing hide and seek with the teddy bears in our class. They can now tell you all about positional language and have been working hard to explore the programming game on the laptops. The mission was to direct the Big Bad Wolf to the Three Little Pigs houses and blow them down. We were very successful! 
   Finally in English we have been writing our own set of instructions for making Gingerbread People. We hope to have them finished just in time for the weekend so we can have fun making them with our families. Yum yum......
Check out some of the fantastic things we have been doing this week below. 
Autumn 2 in Year One
We've had a brilliant half term so far in Year One, full of space, poems, birds and woods visits! 
Below we have included some photographs of some of the wonderful learning we have been doing this term so far - keep checking back to see how our build up to Christmas is going...... 
Autumn 1 in Year One
The first half term in Year One has whizzed past at super speed! The children have worked brilliantly over the last few weeks and have been exploring their space theme with full force! 
In English the children began their work with a visit from some furry friends- our teddies! They came to play for the day and went on lots of adventures around school. This was a great stimulus for our amazing first piece of writing linked to a lost teddy bear. This week the children have further explored space by working on our own space poems. We're rehearsing them so that they are known off by heart and ready to entertain parents over half term. 
During maths we have focused on number and place value and made a great start to the Year One curriculum. The children enjoyed solving problems and stopping the 'mischievous aliens' from causing problems with the farmers fields! We will continue all of hard work into nect hard term too, and see what trouble the aliens have been causing then.......
Outdoor Day
Mondays are fun days in the outdoors in Year One! The children have continued to develop their forest school skills in the outdoor environment every Monday during outdoor day. They are covering animal and humans in their science work and have been working hard to spot the signs of autumn in our school grounds. We develop our PSHE skills through team work games, friendship activities and challenges. 
We've been leanring about moon landings and contintents in our topic work. The children have enjoyed finding out about the moon landing and famous astronauts Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. 
Next half term
We will be continuing our Space topic theme after the holidays and have much more to look forward to in Year One, including beginning our term with a super Halloween theme day,  spooky fun! 
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