Our Vision, Aim and Values

Our schools have thrived for more than 100 years.  The heart of the federation is centred in the values of love, tolerance,  respect, equality and self worth.  Our school is a family community.  We value each person’s given gifts through sound educational practice of the highest quality.  This means adapting to change whilst responding to the needs of today’s world. Our school aims to create a happy stimulating, secure environment in which children can enjoy learning.  We are a family learning to live and grow together, encouraging the moral, social, cultural and also spiritual growth in all our children.  We aim to give the children opportunities to develop knowledge and skills appropriate to the individual needs and capacity of each child.

  • Whittonstall First School, Main Road,
    Whittonstall, Northumberland DH8 9JN
  • 01207 560325
  • admin@whittonstall.northumberland.sch.uk
  • Broomley First School, Main Road, Stocksfield
    Northumberland NE43 7NN
  • 01661 842271
  • admin@broomley.northumberland.sch.uk