Healthy Choices Week 2018

What an amazing Healthy Choices Week we have had at Broomley! 

We began our week with a whole school challenge. Each class was given the task of exploring sugar in foods and then using their knowledge to plan and make a healthy and delicious snack. Throughout the week each class had lots of fun exploring and tasting different foods, planning and perfecting their recipes, cooking and making their delicious snacks (and of course taste testing them) and each class even designed and made their own packaging promoting healthy choices!  

On Friday morning Mrs Gray had the tough challenge of judging each snack and declaring a winner. Mrs Gray decided to award a winner in 5 different categories as well as an overall winner. 

Healthiest Choice= Reception

Most Attractive packaging = Year One

Best Taste = Year 2

Best ingredient choices= Year 3

Best Presentation= Year 4


Overall Winner = Year 2

Reception Class
In Reception we really enjoyed learning about different food groups (especially when we got to taste some!) and used our knowledge to plan healthy balanced meals for a tea party. We also enjoyed tasting lots of different fruits (we really liked mango and watermelon!) and we had lots of fun coming up with different adjectives to describe the taste. In our outdoor classroom we enjoyed taking part in different exercises, including Yoga, and making healthy meals in our mud kitchen.
We really enjoyed planning and making our healthy snack and were over the moon when we won 'Healthiest Choice'. 
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