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Autumn Term in Reception Class 
We are having the most fantastic Autumn term in Reception Class. This term we are focusing on our immediate environment and the children have chosen to learn all about Autumn. We have enjoyed collecting signs of autumn on our autumn walks, had so much fun collecting different types of leaves to create transient art, made our own mud soup (after being inspired by the story 'Pumpkin Soup') found Gruffalo footprints in our classroom (which we then decided to measure) and the characters in our garden, made 'leaf man' puppets and created our own stories...and so much more! 
Spring Term in Reception Class
We started our Spring term by exploring Space as part of STEM week. We had so much fun making 'moon sand', designing and building our very own space rockets, investigating materials in order to make a waterproof space helmet and much much more! 
We loved exploring Autumn so much that we decided to explore Winter and how our environment had changed with the seasons. We went on a 'Winter Welly Wander' and found lots of signs of winter, including frost, bare trees, ice and lots and lots of wooly hats! We had so much fun when it finally snowed! We wrote our names in the snow, built a snowman, cleared a road and even made snow angels! 
This term we are taking part in the Great British Bird Watch. We are having lots of fun looking after the birds in our outdoor classroom by building nests and making bird feeders. We are excited to find out more about the different birds that live in our gardens. 
We have enjoyed finding out about life in the Arctic. We received a letter from an Arctic explorer who needed our help to rescue a polar bear and a walrus from the ice caves. We knew we had to melt the ice and worked together to explore the best way to make it melt quickly. We decided to add salt and to put the ice under "hot air." (The hand dryer.) We saved both animals! 
We have had a fantastic time exploring Chinese New Year this week. We  explored how Chinese New Year is celebrated and how this compares with our own celebrations. We loved watching the videos of the lion and dragon dances, so much so that we decided to make our own mini dragons! We used our scissors skills to make beautiful Chinese lanterns and enjoyed making Chinese fans. In the role play we got ready for Chinese New Year by giving the house a “spring clean” and made delicious feasts. We even used chopsticks to move the ‘food’ into different bowls. We very much enjoyed sharing the story of Chinese New Year and how the years came to be named after animals.  
We have loved finding out about all the different animals that live in the jungle. We have looked at lots of information books and used our knowledge to write facts, paint pictures and make models of lots of different animals. In our maths sessions we have really enjoyed investigating the size of different animals. We had fun measuring the width of an elephant's foot, the length of a gorilla's hand and the size of a shark's tooth. 
We have decided to find out more about the minibeasts that live in the jungle. We learnt about some of the different minibeasts and then went on a minibeast hunt in our outdoor classroom to see what we could find. We found lots of worms, several woodlouse and even a centipede. 
We had some visitors from the Jungle and even some minibeasts too! We had the best time and absolutely loved meeting the different animals. We got to hold and feed the different animals including a giant African albino land snail, a tortoise, a Chinese water dragon, an American corn snake and even a tarantula! 

Summer Term in Reception 

This term  we have started our mini topic ‘Spring.’ We have shared what we already know about Spring and talked about how our environment has changed since September. We have enjoyed exploring different textures and materials as we have made 3D butterflies and sheep for our spring display. We also enjoyed creating beautiful 3D daffodil pictures.

In mathematics we have had lots of fun telling subtraction number stories about minibeasts. We can use Kung Fu actions to tell a number story and we can all write our number stories using mathematics symbols (e.g. 4-1=3.) Ask us to show you at home!

We made the most of the lovely sunshine and went on a spring walk across the cricket fields. We found lots of blossom on the trees, heard the birds singing, felt the sun on our cheeks and saw lots of flowers growing. We were very excited as we neared the end of our walk and we saw some lambs in the next field! Ask us all about it. We then wrote some super sentences about spring, making sure we included capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and we sat our letters on the line.

We received a very exciting parcel from The Very Hungry Caterpillar. He had heard from the minibeasts in our garden that we are all so lovely and kind so he thought we might like to look after his brothers and sisters and observe them as they change into butterflies. We have really enjoyed watching the caterpillars move and much on their food. Ask us all about it!

 During our final half term in Reception we had lots of fun exploring our mini topic 'Life on the Farm.' We found out about the animals that live on farms, how the farmer helps look after them and the different products they produce. We had a lot of fun building our own farm yards in our outdoor classroom and making 3D animals out of 'junk.' 

We were very excited when we received a letter from the Three Little Pigs, asking us to help build them a new house. We built some amazing houses for the 3 pigs using blankets, pegs, sticks, bricks...and anything else we could find! We then helped the 3 pigs catch the Big Bad Wolf by making some amazing wanted posters, using super adjectives to describe the wolf. We put them around school and before we knew it the Wolf was safely locked away in wolf jail. We were very surprised to receive another letter...but this time from the Big Bad Wolf! He had decided to change his ways and he no longer wanted to be bad. He made the decision to eat numbers instead of pigs and asked for our help to find the biggest numbers for him to eat. We had lots of fun helping the Big (but not so bad) Wolf to order and sequence numbers and decide which ones to eat! 

To finish off our 'Life on the Farm' topic we went to visit a real life farm! We had a fantastic trip to Hall Hill Farm where we got to pet lots of lovely animals and had a brilliant tractor ride all the way around the farm! 

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