Class news

See above for the exciting Spring term in Year 2 2020.
See above for the busy Autumn term in Year 2 2019
See our summer term so far. . . 
Science Topic: Animals including humans.
Investigation: Do children jump further as they get older?
In small groups the year two children held a standing long jump competition to investigate "Do children jump further as they get older?". 
Great fun was had by all! Please ask me when I get home what the results were of our investigation. 
Have a look at some of our pictures from our seaside themed art and craft week. We had great fun . . . and made lots of mess!!!!
Take a look at our interesting seagull puppet design ideas. Our brief was to design an educational toy about the seaside which could be used by younger children. We had lots of great ideas about how to make of puppets educational and safe for younger children to use safely. 
Watch this space for our final products!
Wow! This lovely weather has made golf and cricket even more enjoyable!
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