Class news

Educational Visit to The Centre for Life
We have been learning about Space in our Creative Curriculum, To Infinity and Beyond topic. We had a fantastic day at the Centre for Life exploring Science, doing a destination space workshop, visiting the space robots in the planetarium, seeing the robots exhibition and exploring various forces and motion. We had a brilliant day! 
Learning about the 7 continents of the world! 
Just a sample of pictures from out first few weeks in Year 1! 
Non Fiction writing
We have been reading Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram and we had to write some instructions for the aliens about how to make a sandwich. We thought about numbers, bossy verbs and clear instructions
Comparing and describing different settings for stories
Learning about famous astronauts and what their achievements have been that have impacted history. 
Creating new characters for our story writing:
The _____________ giant in town 
Year One have been drinking out of the toilet this week. Now there is a sentence I never thought would be on the website!! Don't panic though, it was all in the name of science as we went on a visit to the Centre For Life - and it was, of course, fresh water! We completed the destination space workshop there and tested materials to make a spacesuit for astronauts. Ask us which material is best. A huge thank you to our amazing parent helpers; Mr Hunter, Mrs Kariolis, Mrs Barker and Mrs Sharman without whom we wouldn't have been able to have such fantastic STEM fun!  
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