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Autumn Term 1 in Reception. 

We have made a fantastic start to our time at Broomley.  


This half term our topic has been, 'Autumn Days.' We started our topic by sharing our knowledge and experiences of autumn and then worked together to plan what we would like to learn and what that learning might look like. 


We started our topic by going on lots of 'welly wanders' around the school grounds and across the cricket field looking for signs of autumn. We loved finding crunchy red and orange leaves, ripe apples ready for picking and berries hidden on top of bushes for the birds. We also noticed that as the weeks past it grew colder and colder and it wasn't long before we needed our coats and hats on before venturing outside! 


We love the colours of autumn and have been inspired by the changing landscape, and stories such as 'Leaf Man' to create our own autumnal artwork. We used autumn leaves to create amazing pictures, autumn bracelets and leaf crowns. We had lots of fun printing with vegetables and even using conkers to paint! 


We enjoyed learning all about hibernation and used our knowledge to plan and build hibernation homes for all the animals that live in our outdoor classroom. We built a damp home for Mr toad and a snuggle leaf shelter for the hedgehogs. 


In our mathematics sessions this half term we have investigated the properties of 2D shapes and used our knowledge to explore shapes in the environment.. We also enjoyed exploring patterns and in particular continuing, as well as creating our own, repeating patterns. 



Autumn Term 2 in Reception Class 
This half term we have enjoyed exploring one of our favourite stories, 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson.
We worked together to create an amazing story map which we can use to retell the story with the most amazing expression and actions. We loved taking our story telling into the outdoors, creating the deep dark woods, including homes for all the characters. We even turned our mud kitchen into 'The Gruffalo Cafe' where you could pick up a Gruffalo crumble for a mere £199. 
We then used our story map to write key parts of the story and complete lots of reading challenges. 
Ask us to retell 'The Gruffalo.'  
In our mathematics sessions this half term we have been developing our number sense. We have really enjoyed exploring numbers up to 5 and then to 10. We are  beginning to investigate number bonds and have applied our knowledge to lots of challenges. We have helped Winnie and Wilbur create the perfect potion (containing 10 legs) and made our very own number book. We have also practised our careful counting skills. 
Ask us about 'the perfect potion.' 
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