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Spring Term in Reception Class 
We have had a fantastic start to our Spring term in Reception class. This term our topic is 'Winter Wonderland.' 
We started our topic by hunting for signs of winter in our outdoor classroom and local environment. Ask us what signs of winter we can see. 

We had a great time in our outdoor classroom making snow! We used lots of washing up liquid and had to use our gross motor strength to create the bubbles using brushes and sponges! We created a giant snow storm and had so much fun making snowmen and jumping around in the snow. Ask us about making snow!


We have enjoyed learning about life in the Arctic. We discovered that some animals and people call the Artic home. We talked about the Inuit communities that live in the Arctic. The Inuit people live in far northern Arctic areas. Populations of Inuit people are living in Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Russia and Denmark. Ask us to tell you about some of the Inuit communities we learnt about and their customs and traditions. Ask us all about it!


This week we had lots of fun travelling all the way to Antarctica! We learnt that… The Antarctic covers the continent of Antarctica and some ice shelves and islands in the Southern Ocean. Most of the land is covered all the time by snow and ice. Antarctica is the coldest continent on earth! The world’s coldest temperature ever recorded was in the Antarctic. It reached -89.2°C in 1983!


Ask us…what animals live in Antarctica? Do any plants grow there? Do people live there?

This week we investigated the question; how do polar animals stay warm in the icy water? Ask us…does fur keep polar animals warm? What happened when you put your hand in the icy water? Did the gloves keep you warm? What is blubber? What did we use to keep our hands warm?  


 We have decided that we would like to find out more about penguins…including how to walk like a penguin! We have enjoyed finding out about emperor penguins and used our knowledge to make some amazing shape and collage pictures. Ask us all about it!



We were so surprised (and excited!) to find a baby penguin in our classroom on Wednesday afternoon! The penguin was lost, just like the penguin in the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. We named the penguin ‘Mr Penguin’ and have really enjoyed looking after him. We decided we wanted to help Mr Penguin get back to Antarctica so we made some special ‘Found’ posters and put them up around school in the hopes his penguin mummy and daddy might see them when they are looking for him. We also discovered some penguin eggs hidden in the forest school garden! We worked together in teams to build nests and dens surrounding the eggs to keep them safe. We also made posters and signs to make sure no one stood on them! Ask us all about it!

Autumn Term in Reception. 

We have had a wonderful Autumn Term in Reception class. We are so proud of how the children have settled into life at Broomley and the amazing attitudes to learning they have developed. 

This term we have really enjoyed exploring out 'Autumn' topic. We have enjoyed learning about the signs of autumn and had a great time going on lots of autumn walks and observing and recording the changes in our local environment.  We really enjoyed learning about hibernation and used our knowledge to help build 'hibernation homes' for all the animals that live in our garden. Ask us about our wonderful woods trip and all the signs of autumn we found deep within in the woods. 


In the second half term we started our new topic, 'Around the World.' In Reception we had lots of fun learning about celebrations and festivals from around the world. We travelled to the United States of America and learnt about the first Thanksgiving and how families still celebrate Thanksgiving today. We also learnt about Diwali and enjoyed our own delicious Diwali feast! Ask us about Hanukkah and why it is known as 'The Festival of Lights.' We also learnt about how Christmas is celebrated around the world and compared traditions and celebrations to our own. 


Ask us all about our first term in Reception class! 

Woods Trips! 
We had the most wonderful time on our very first woods trip. We spent the day building houses for the Gruffalo and friends, making magic woodland wands and building Stickman’s family tree. In between all these jobs we enjoyed hot chocolate and biscuits around the campfire, building dens, making fairy swings and having the best time rolling down the hill!
Ask us what we enjoyed the most about our visit.  
We also had a competition to see who could catch a falling leaf…this was much harder than we first thought! (You might like to try this at home) Mr Moore was so impressed with our listening skills, our beautiful manners and our lovely big smiles that he brought us some special stickers on Wednesday! We would like to say a big thank you to our amazing parent helpers.
We had the best time on our Spring trip to the Woods! Mr Moore and Mr Hammersley were very impressed with our listening skills, our ability to work as part of a team and our creativity! Ask us all about making fairy houses, Easter nests and using the hand drill when making Easter themed medals. We would like to thank Mr Moore and Mr Hammersley for all their hard work and we can’t wait to go back in the summer term!
Washington Wetlands Trip!

We had a fantastic trip to Washington Wetlands. We spotted a bullfinch down in the bird hide and a saw a squirrel scampering around in the woods.  We asked lots of questions at the otter and flamingo talks and had a very exciting time pond dipping.  We caught pond snails and pond worms and looked at them on a large TV microscope.  There were cranes and black swans and beautiful mallards too.  The water play park was great fun and the weather perfect.  Many thanks to the parents who came along; their help was very much appreciated. Ask us all about Washington Wetlands!

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