Class news

Summer 1
Sustainability was our focus this half term and in particular the idea of up-cycling and re-purposing things. 
The children were given a challenge at the beginning of the term to make an outfit for a fashion show from 'old' clothing. They learnt techniques to refresh garments, selected materials and processes to support their work and even learnt about famous designers who have influenced fashion over the decades - they loved the information finding about Coco Chanel and Mary Quant!
The finale though was on the last day of the half term where we modelled our designs in our very own FASHION SHOW. The children were amazing! Have a look at the video below to see what they produced.
In maths we have continued to develop our skills through decimals and money, and in English a big block of poetry work and work on persuasive writing has helped us to expand what we know. As well as some super science and brilliant lots more. Take a look at the pictures below to see what has been going on.....
Spring 2
As the spring term comes to an end we have been reflecting on some of the amazing experiences we have had over the weeks. The children have become stone age experts, worked with an amazing expert to make our own clay spoons, deepened our maths and English knowledge, developed our sporting skills, had tennis lessons, attended hula hoop festivals, shared afternoon teas with our 'inspirational ladies', hugged the church and had an amazing amount of fun! We are very much looking forward to exploring our new creative curriculum focus next term........ 
Spring term woods visit
The children had an amazing time today when they visited the woods. After running through our camp rules and information they deepened their knowledge of all things stone age by participating in some really fun activities. These activities as always developed their Stone Age historical knowledge but also helped to develop their team work skills, problem solving and resilience..... a great day all round again class 3! Thanks Mrs Ward! 
Spring 1
We've had another amazing half term, full of fun, learning and hard work! The children have developed their skills in English through the fantastic book Stone Age Boy. They have produced some amazing stories based on themes from the text that use a range of adverbials, interesting language to interest a reader and even a few similes! 
Maths has been a block of multiplication and division and we are now proficient at using both written methods and mental methods to find the answers to questions. We are also becoming whizzes at fluency of timetables to help us in our work and we always know........mistakes are just proof we are trying! 
In our creative curriculum work we have explored the 'mystery of house number 7 at Skara Brae, found out about some impressive engineering at Stonehenge, worked out the timelines of events, found out what life would be like for a typical family in Stone Age times and squeezed in part one of our ceramics workshop too......... 
This is just a small selection of what we have done in class 3, see the photos below for more of our learning.....
Autumn 2
We've had lots of fun exploring our 'Around the World' focus in class 3 this term. The children have found out about the world we live in through different religions, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.
Look through the photographs below to see what we have achieved this term;
  • We have made traditional outfits for Hindu celebrations using our design and technology skills
  • found out about key beliefs of key world religions 
  • explored islamic art and traditional methods
  • plotted on maps, atlas' and didital media to explore the climates and countries of key religious countries. 
  • performed a traditional Christian nativity
  • Made Crafts and gifts for our Christmas enterprise fair. 
  • Plus many more! 
Autumn term 1
It's been a busy half term, and it has zoomed past so quickly! We have enjoyed focusing our learning on the Egyptians as our creative curriculum focus. The term all began with our book ' Pharaoh's Fate' the mystery plot to find out who was planning to poison the pharaoh in the ancient Egyptian town of Thebes. The children were super detectives using amazing inference, questioning and language detective skills, brilliant research and amazing talk to help their learning. 
We researched the Nile and found out about it's land use, located continents and land features and painted beautiful paintings of the Pharaoh crowns. The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit before finally concluding their work with the Great Pharaoh's Bake Off. New adventures in 'Around the World' next half term. 
October 22nd
We had our last lesson of dance this week with Eve form LP Dancing. It was a very fitting final lesson we danced to 'Walk Like and Egyptian'.... super fun! 
Monday 24th September 2018
We had an amazing trip to the Oriental museum in Durham Today. The children learnt lots about mummification, the ancient Egyptian Gods and how the ancient Civilisation worked. They also had time to hole some artefacts that were OVER 2000 YEARS OLD!, ass well as write and decode some hieroglyphics and hunt out clues about the mummy in the museum. It was an incredible day! 
Welcome to the new year! 
A warm welcome back everyone! It's great to see all of last year's year 3 now ready to face the challenges of year 4, and it is great to have the new year 3 looking ready to work hard in key stage 2! 
I can't wait to see what you all can do...... here's to lots of fun and learning this year class 3! 
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