Class news

Nursery and Reception
(Class 1)
Autumn 2 2019
In the second half of the Autumn term Nursery and Reception have used stories as a starting point to exploring thier senses. They went on a senses walk around our school and learnt about how our senses help us to enjoy the world around us. They made their own binoculars to help them focus their hearing and looking and they spotted all sorts of exciting things!
The children collected natural resources and 'signs of Autumn' exploring their properties using their sight, smell, touch and hearing. 
Interfaith Week 2019
Interfaith week saw Nursery and Reception children exploring features of the celebrations that they enjoy with thier family, friends and community each year. The children talked about their favourite celebrations and the fun things they have in common such as special food, cards, decorations, clothes, time with friends and family. Special visitors shared their own experiences of how they celebrate special times and the children compared and contrasted them to their own more Christian based festivals.
This half term the Reception children have been practising their emergent reading and writing in all their play. They have loved using the whiteboards during child-initiated play to write, draw and mark make. The reception children have been enthusiastically learning to read and write words using thier newly taught letters and sounds and are very excited that they can now recognise lots of words in the books that they enjoy in class and at home!
This has been such an exciting time for the class with the installation of our new playground equipment. The children have been very busy climbing, jumping, pulling, digging and playing collaboratively as they used the equipment imaginatively.
Nursery and Reception
(Class 1) 
Autumn 1 2019 
The term started with the children getting to know each other and using stories to explore what makes us all so special and unique.
The children have loved exploring our wonderful new early years classroom and all the new areas and resources. They have enjoyed lots of child-initiated collaborative play as they developed their confidence to choose resources and share with others.
The children have ued the sand to explore capacity and fill lots of buckets! They have been hunting in the sand for treasure and panning for gold!
The children created their own fish using colour mixing and repeated pattern and used circle time to explore how they are unique and special and how important it can sometimes be not to follow the crowd!
This half term the children have been doing lots of counting and sorting in their play. They have been exploring the different ways to sort objects and finding their own 'rules' or criteria. They have really enjoyed sorting shapes and learning 2D shape names and talking about their simple properties.
The reception children are really enjoying their letters and sounds and there has been lots of exciting emergent reading and writing going on around the classroom.
The class have been exploring the story 'Funnybones' and learnt a 'Funnybones song'. They used props to create their own story map and used this to retell the story together. They used the repeated language to sequence the story and think about alternative versions of the story.
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