Class news

Spring Term 1 2019
The children are enjoying the theme of Space in class 1 this term. They have enjoyed lots of stories, poems and songs on the theme. They have used this for inspiration for their imaginative play in the 'space station' and in their rocket building in the yard!
They are really enjoying learning about the different planets and comparing and contrasting their different features. The children have learnt 'The Planet Song' to help them remember all the different planets and the order they are from the sun.
The introduction of 'Outdoor Thursday' has been a great success so far. They children have enjoyed helping to get the Forest School area tidy with lots of tool using to lop the willow around the camp fire area. The children are particularly enjoying exploring the different parts of our field and the different animals and plants that they can observe living and growing there.
Outdoor Thursdays
During our 'Outdoor Thursday' afternoons so far the children have shown lovely collaborative and co-operative skills as  they work and play together. There has been some really imaginative child- initiated play that has included mud kitchen cooking and house building using natural materials they found around the field. They are really enjoying sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows, singing songs, making paancakes and sharing thoughts and ideas about what they have discovered during the session.
Autumn 2
The children have been very busy designing and making their own robots. They thought about the different features and functions their robots would have. 
This has been such an exciting and busy term so far in Class 1. Our new nursery children settled so quickly and we have all been really enjoying exploring the jungle theme through our work and play!
We have an exciting new friend in the yard! The children were super excited to discover that Stick Man had come to live in our yard! We enjoyed revisiting the story together.
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